December 31, 2009

Liverpool's Last Match Post-Mortem:VILLA @ VILLA PARK

25 REINA-10/10
Liverpool's consistent performer in every game this season,made several world class saves,especially from Downing's sure-goal attempt,but luckily with Reina between the posts the attempt became unsure-goal.

Liverpool's defensive record is not to be proud this season,OK performance but his slip when bodily charged by Agbonlahor nearly costly to the Reds.

5 AGGER-6/10
OK performance as well but should improve his alertness when it comes to covering any mistakes made by his fellow defensive partners.

2 JOHNSON-6/10
Well,Johnson was not at his best in this game,but it seems he is closing to his best like during the early season.Improving from game to game after returning from injuries but his injury last night might give a little blow to our team,but hopefully it is not too serious.

22 INSUA-6/10
Like Carragher,the Argentine's performance was also OK,but his misheading of the ball that hit his hand was really given us anxiety and nearly awarding Villa a penalty.

Not too good,not too bad so far.Improving but his passing sometimes didn't reach the target and proving to cause panic for Liverpool's backline.It's still too early to judge him as a flop,only stupid person will say so.Not all players can adapt very swiftly after a big summer move,moreover Il Principino is just came back from a long lay off and also was not going through preseason games.

21 LUCAS-7/10
Brave to tackle and pass the ball,but still lacking in terms of providing a killer pass.Not Alonso-alike,but maybe Mascherano-alike but with less quality.However,he can improve from one game to another and learn from good players around him.

15 BENAYOUN-7/10
Always a threat to the oppositions.His dribbling and passing last night cause Villa's defenders to work harder.

18 KUYT-8/10
Not quite a threat but his hard work was really important to Liverpool last night.Always make it simpe without complicating thing by holding,passing the ball and running appropriately.Helpful in defence too.

8 GERRARD-8/10
One of the best performer last night.His running,his shots made Cuellar,Warnock,Dunne,everyone in clarets to look uncomfortable.Forcing Friedel to make fine saves.

9 TORRES-8/10
Quite quiet at Villa Park as no much chances created for him.I can say his performance last night was really good and should be credited in terms of his attitude.Less talking to moan to the referee,less diving,instead worked harder to do the talking for him. We loved him that way.We dont wnt our bloved player to be a primadonna like Cristiano or Drogba.He only needed good chances to score and snatch the winner for us and thats why we love him.

Not much to say about them as not much action involving them during the last 15 minutes. Only Babel missed a really good chance in the penalty box.


• A South Africa Mexico Uruguay France
• B Argentina Nigeria South Korea Greece
• C England USA Algeria Slovenia
• D Germany Australia Serbia Ghana
• E Netherlands Denmark Japan Cameroon
• F Italy Paraguay New Zealand Slovakia
• G Brazil DPR Korea Cote D'Ivoire Portugal
• H Spain Switzerland Honduras Chile

[KOP of Honour`~=]

09/10 Season

25-Pepe Reina BPL:8 UEFACL:2
1-Diego Cavalieri CC:1

16-Sotirios Kyrgiakos:1
37-Martin Skrtel BPL:1
2-Glen Johnson BPL:2
22-Emiliano Insua CC:1
8-Steven Gerrard BPL:5 FAC:1
15-Yossi Benayoun BPL:5 UEFACL:2
18-Dirk Kuyt BPL:7 UEFACL:1
19-Ryan Babel BPL:2 UEFACL:1
9-Fernando Torres BPL:12
24-David N'gog BPL:4 UEFACL:1 CC:1
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