November 24, 2010

This Is Why He Is "The Special One"

Jose Mourinho mmg terkenal ngan keangkuhannya,kalau x,xderny dy claim yg dy The Special One...hahaha...tp inilah antara sbbny,knapa dy sthp lbh tggi compared to manager laen n knape dy mmg Special One.....

Last night in the UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid were 0-4 ahead away to Ajax as the match reached its final stages, and were as comfortable as can be.
Having already qualified and secured top spot, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos both knew that a booking in their last group G match would see them suspended for their first knockout tie.
However, if they were to get booked again – and thus receive Red Cards – they would be banned for their inconsequential final group game instead, and receive a clean slate for the crucial stages of the competition.
Did Jose Mourinho instruct them to get themselves sent off for a second yellow card in order to escape a potential ban in the crucial part of the tournament?
If so, can UEFA legitimately give any retrospective punishment for, shall we say, bending the rules?
We’ll let you be the judges of this one. Here’s the video.

Interestingly, Spanish daily sport newspaper Marca believe they have spotted Mourinho whispering instructions to backup goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek, who forwards the information to Iker Casillas, who then tells Ramos. The picture below shows each stage of the process of the Chinese whispers.


  1. Wow, such a great analysis. I like! And yes, should FIFA revise this particular rule???

  2. hahaha...Mourinho...genius...ak xrasa manager laen terpikir nk wat lagutu,myb ada,but very rare a..haha...shame...dy blajaq byk kt Barca,but end up at Real....rules tu dh cantik dh,up to team camna nk manipulate...


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