April 28, 2011

Real REAL Problem=Barca

So...so...so...that's it...another classy show from Messi n 1 more win for Barca to make it 2-1 in this season's el clasico mega package...hmmm...honestly,it was a dull match for a game could be considered as the biggest,the most awaited game on the planet and probably the most expensive el clasico ever.If u did watch the match,it was pretty one sided game with Barca dominated all the possession(as usual) and even once the stats shown the possession was 71 to 29!What ashame 4 a team as big as Real Madrid??What could i say is Real's game was better during the final of Copa Del Rey as they looked more adventurously offensive.However,we should bear in mind that Real is currently under charismatic Mourinho,the man who managed Inter to beat Barca last season and do his sides(Chelsea,Porto,Real and Inter) played,play,playing(whatever) prettily??of course NOT!!Particularly,repeatedly n especially when his sides face Barca,he would always rely on quick counter attacks.Though,to be honest,I think every manager would do the same too...hehe...BUT...again,we should remember that Mourinho does have creative and probably the most talented attacking talents at his disposal in Ronaldo,Ozil,Benzema,Higuain,Di Maria,Kaka,etc. so why not utilize them??To be fair to Real,maybe Pepe's red was a little bit harsh,but to play in Bernabeu,your home ground,you should not be playing like you re in Nou Camp(and even in Nou Camp you should not be playing like in Nou Camp,u know what i mean??)n no wonder Real's legend,Alfredo Di Stefano was unhappy with the way Real's play(n one of my friends who is an MU fan doesnt want Jose to be their next manager bcoz his style doesnt suit MUs)...ermm..I'm a fan of Mourinho though because of his enigmatic character,sth that I and most of us really admire.The way he uses his words is trully classico!N i think,still Madridistas should be thankful and grateful to Mourinho for bringing them a mini cup in Copa del Rey(but after Ramos 'damaged' the cup by the way,could it still be considered as Real's cup bcoz we might not be able to see it in a proper shape in their trophy cabinet after all,Lol!)...Though,I'm sure the critics would not be as loud as this if Real won but the problem is they NOT!!N Real's real problem is Barca is their biggest,bitterest,most hatred rival,n could not be better and have more than them in watever way(mayb this is why they hire Mourinho bcoz maybe they think this is the only way they could beat Barca...who knows???) N that's why they re restless,uncomfortable,jealous,mad when they could not help to see Barca have both,PLAY FANTASTIC and WINS...Nevertheless as a fan myself,even if my team did not play beautiful futbol,but as long as my team wins,I would be happy,really happy.In real life if u re pretty,u re not guaranteed a happy marriage;in futbol,if u play fantastic,u re not guaranteed a cup.Ask Arsene Wenger. =p

#Mourinho would be real mad if he read my article,but luckily he won't,hahaha

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